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Everything you need to know about the rubbish bag tax in the municipality of Bagnes.

As of 1 January 2018, the municipality of Bagnes and French-speaking Valais will join its neighbours in applying the “polluter pays” principle to municipal waste and will introduce a tax on rubbish bags, bringing it into line with federal legislation in this area.

The new, official, taxed bag will replace the black and grey bags and will be the only one authorised for household waste. The 35L bag will cost CHF 1.90 and will be available from shops in French-speaking Valais from the beginning of December 2017.
Where can these bags be purchased?
From 1 January 2018, only official bags can be used for household waste.
However, you are welcome to keep the grey or black bags for other purposes, such as storage or use as dust sheets etc.
The official bags will go on sale at the start of December 2017 in most shops in French-speaking Valais priced at:
CHF 0.95 for the 17L bag
CHF 1.90 for the 35L bag
CHF 3.40 for the 60L bag
CHF 6.20 for the 110L bag
Where should you leave your bags?
The map of the municipality of Bagnes’ recycling plants and full information about the recycling of refuse can be found here.
What about recycling?
The new taxed bag shows 12 images of materials which cannot be put into the household waste bags. What should be done with this waste? Returning it to its point of sale or taking it to the recycling depots means much of it can be used for a second, third or fourth time – and sometimes even endlessly recycled. Let's recycle things rather than throw them away.

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